Tallinn Architecture Biennale 2015

TAB is an international architecture festival which introduces local architecture culture, current issues concerning architecture, and looks at the future of the architectural profession. TAB offers a program of events for both architecture professionals, students and everyone interested in architecture.

The third TAB will kick off on September 9 and will look into the changes, challenges and opportunities that our cities and their inhabitants will be facing once the third industrial revolution is implemented in full scale and we all start using self-driving cars. What will this mean for architects, designers, urban planners? TAB will turn Tallinn into a test site for the cities of the future, visualising ideas and conceptualising the way cities are built.

TAB 2015 curatorial team is led by architect and city planner Marten Kaevats and is produced by Estonian Centre of Architecture.

TAB will move to the streets of Tallinn with a series of installations. The curators of TAB main exhibition “Body Building”, Sille Pihlak and Siim Tuksam are building an installation in front of the Museum of Estonian Architecture to serve as a conceptual landmark and signage for the exhibition.

Mountain Loghome was part Sille Pihlak and Siim Tuuksam project to give helping hand with our knowledges and automatic line machinery.

Read more: http://www.tab.ee/news/tallinn-architecture-biennale-2015-body-building-installation-to-remain-open-for-public-until-end-of-2016