Our advantages

9 reasons why you should choose us

  1. We are fast and precise – we have a creative team with long-term experience, modern production lines, short delivery times and well planned logistics – we provide fast and professional service for solving projects with different size.
  2. We are flexible – thanks to our experienced architects, we create exciting special projects, which take also the most demanding requests into account. If needed, we work out a unique selection of house projects for distributors, and only they can reserve the right to order these projects.
  3. We are conscientious and we preserve nature – all our timber comes from well-managed forests.
  4. Thanks to our  long-term experience, we have faced many special situations and we can handle them worldwide.
  5. We use the latest technologies that provide the more flawless preparation level, save time spent for construction and because of that reduce the price of building a house.
  6. Our timber structures are produced by the means of fully automatic CNC technologies that ensure the best quality productsfor building wooden houses.
  7. We always offer the well planned and the best possible solution. We dig into the smallest details, and design and produce to you a tailor-made wooden house.
  8. We already have several reliable international relations – we have splendid long-term cooperation partnersworldwide to who we have proved the quality and reliability of our work during the years.
  9. We love wooden houses and our secret wish is that every person would get to know how wonderful it is to live there.