Production and Technology

A pre-fabricated house is of high quality – production process in dry conditions with thorough supervision minimizes the hazardous impacts of climate and ensures the quality of wooden details.

Our houses are produced of the Nordic pine. In sharp climate, the timber grows slowly and hence the wood is strong and thanks to its resin-rich content it is also durable.

The production process starts from the house design documentation and production drawings.

We use CAD programs created especially for designing of wooden houses to make detailed 3D drawings of the houses which are later delivered to the production units.

In the production we use fully automatic CNC timber processing lines Hundegger 2Ki and Auer BL100A. Computer controlled production lines ensure preciseness and at the same time also faster delivery time. Ready-to-assemble house details are numbered according to the assembly drawings and packed in a sequence so that it is possibly easy to unpack the details on site, and building is fast.

We use the Randek assembly bench from Sweden for production of element houses.Pre-fabricated panels ensure fast building process on the site and hence the element houses are of high quality – the climatic conditions do not have any dangerous impact on timber elements.

Our standard delivery kit contains all necessary timber details for building exterior and interior walls, intermediate floors, roofs, balconies/terraces, also doors, windows and staircases.On request it is also possible to make changes to the delivery kit.

Production line Hundeggr K2i

Hundegger 2Ki is developed in Germany especially for producing of wooden and log houses. Currently the Hundegger 2Ki line is considered as the most flexible and economic one among the wood processing lines in the market. Beside the house details, Hundegger 2Ki line also enables to produce complicated wooden details and fretwork.