Why choose a wooden house?

Closer to the nature and good for health

A wooden house has a natural and healthy living environment.


Wooden house structures are strong. Wood is also used for building tall business buildings and multistoried dwelling houses.

Environmentally friendly

Wood is the only 100% renewable building material. Building of a wooden house, and also further re-processing, is the most sustainable for the environment.

About us

Mountain Loghome is a family businesss. We have over 25 years of experience in manufacturing and constructing wooden houses. During that time, we have produced houses with very different solutions – dwelling houses, ski chalets, holiday cottages and saunas.

Thanks to our cooperation partners, we have a long-term experience in developing ski- and holiday resorts. We have produced and built cabin parks for ski centers in Norway and the Kingdom of Lesotho in Southern Africa. In addition, we have produced numerous office buildings, hotels and restaurants.

Besides Estonia, our main targeted markets are Norway, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France and Japan.

We deliver the houses all over the world. We are ready to ship your wooden house safely despite the part of the world you are located in.

We are a member of Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, a founding member of Estonian Woodhouse Association and, from 2013, also a member of Japanese Log House Association. In 2013, Mountain Loghome was awarded with the title of Successful Estonian Company and credit rating AAA (exceptional) by the Krediidiinfo AS.

Log, Post & Beam or timber-frame houses?

Mountain Loghome manufactures and builds cozy homes, bright office buildings, and functional industrial buildings. There’s a suitable solution for everybody who values natural materials and healthy living. 

Living in a log house is natural and healthy – massive wooden wall accumulates and extracts heat. As timber does not accumulate static electricity, there is less dust in log houses and breathing and living there is easier for people with allergies.

The innovative Post & Beam architecture is exciting and expressive. The laminated posts and beams connect big glazed surfaces or other wall elements by creating unique rooms for spacious and refulgent private residences, apartment buildings, offices or restaurants, warehouses, industrial- and agricultural buildings.

Timber-frame houses are very common. Despite lower prices compared to other types of construction, it is possible to build a proper wooden house with very good thermal resistance. We produce pre-cuthouses with kit of details cut to length and mortised in the factory and element houses.