How a stylish and cosy prefab house was made

How a stylish and cosy prefab house was made

A scenic forest edge in Saku hides a stylish prefab house with a warm soul. This is home to a family of four. This is a development very important for the Mountain Loghome, because this wooden house belongs to one of our colleagues. We talked to him and asked about the process of house completion and what advice he has for those who think about building a prefabricated house.

How long did the entire project take?

It took about 8 months till the house was ready for moving in. Actually, it can be done faster but finding the right solutions, i.e. what will the future home look like, took the longest for us. Once the project was ready and we had the construction permit, everything went fast.

What are the major steps the future home owner should consider?

  1. First, you need to find a suitable plot for the prefabricated house.
  2. Then you must complete the draft project showing the house to be constructed on the plot.
  3. Then you need to apply for a construction permit.
  4. After that, the prefabricated house is designed which means every last detail is set.
  5. Then follow the foundation laying, constructing the house and interior finishing.

Why did your family choose a house with timber frame?

We thought about both timber and log houses. But since there are several log houses in the family and we wanted something more modern and sleek, we settled for a wooden house this time. The modern-looking wooden house also fits well next to the forest in Saku.

What do you recommend to people who also want to buy a prefabricated house?

  • It is crucial to choose a reliable manufacturer who will be at your side throughout the entire process and help in theory and practice. Home construction is such an important step. It is much easier to pass this process if you have top specialists with you.
  • This is not directly related to prefabricated houses, but I recommend observing the cardinal directions. Since it is currently popular to have large windows, but in Estonian climate, people often do not think about air conditioning. It can happen that a summer can be very hot. So if you want to have large windows and more daylight, I recommend thinking about air conditioning in advance.

Want to see more?

Take a look at this clip from TV3 that shows this same element house in more detail and also provides more information. The clip can be found here: